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Bambina felice


"Happy relationships" path

Harmonize your masculine and feminine to live a happy relationship with "the other".

Bambina felice

Modulo inviato

​6 individual coaching meetings for:

  • Figure out which relationship you really want

  • Recognize the masculine in us and what relationship we have with it

  • Recognize and know our feminine nature to love it.

  • Working with archetypes: I work through tarot cards and everything imaginal and symbolic

  • Harmonize these 2 aspects in you through practices and visualizations to make masculine and feminine communicate 

  • Make a sort of internal marriage once you heal your masculine and feminine strengths, to put them at the service of your well-being and your relationships

will allow you to ​

  • heal your inner strength

  • heal your relationship with your role models

  • become an integral, autonomous and complete person

  • love yourself and feel like you can be loved

  • escape expectations

  • escape from repetitive and infernal patterns

  • being able to choose who to be in relationship with or not

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