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"You, when in doubt, love...."

Who I am

I'm Carine Maset.

French by origin, Italian at heart.

I am a constantly growing woman, lover of beautiful and simple things, I always have a deep and empathetic look on the world and on others.


I love listening and understanding people. I've been doing it all my life, spontaneously and simply.

In 2010 I decided to make it a job, becoming a Certified Life Coach (NLP New Code John Grinder).

From that moment on I continued to train and grow relentlessly.

In 2012 I became a Doula and dedicated myself to women and motherhood.

In 2019 I founded together with my dear friend/sister Alexandra Francesca d'Alessandro "Ciclika - the pleasure of being a woman"

Since 2021 I have been a teacher at"The Doula Academy" with my other friend/sister Sara Venneri,

I like to accompany my clients in becoming aware of their Essence and their inner space. From this space, naturally large and full of peace, we can finally observe what we feel are blocks, problems, limiting situations as solvable and overcome. It's about entering a space larger than that of reason, the Ego and the mind. Once you have broadened your vision, once you have perceived and intuited your potential and your resources, you must act, concretely bringing what you want into your life, for yourself, for others and for the world, without forgetting to celebrate your successes.


My professional history in brief

It all starts with a degree in Business and Corporate Management and a professional career in banking, in France.

Until at 33, after the illness and loss of my mother, I understood that life is short and you can't sit around waiting to find happiness, so I decided to study to finally be able to do the job I always wanted.

I become a Life Coach and move to Milan to develop this business.

Without consciously looking for it, only female clients come to me and I am passionate about female awareness.

Giving birth to my daughter, through emotional difficulties that make me want to specialize in this unique moment of life for a woman (becoming a mother), I enrolled in the Mondo Doula school to become a Doula.

Since 2013 I started organizing Red Tent (circles of women under the red tent) in Milan and in 2014 I joined the Red Tent of the Women of Milan project.

Since 2017, Mondo Doula invites me to be part of the teaching staff and so I start training new doulas on the Italian territory.

Since 2018 I have been organizing meetings, evenings and training on Tarot and on feminine and cyclical themes.

Since 2019 I have joined Alexandra (Framcesca) d'Alessandro to start an all-female project: "Ciclika - the pleasure of being a woman", mainly online courses and consultations for women who feel another woman inside them, free and in balance, and want to let her out. 

From 2021 I will leave Mondo Doula to start contributing with all my heart and soul to training Doulas with"the Doula Academy".


My training in the personal development sector

2010: NLP New Code Coach Certification with Originalnlp, teacher: Andrea Frausin.

2010: Theta Healing course levels 1 and 2

2010: Reconnection operator training

2011: Tarot course according to the Jungan archetypes

2012: International NLP Coaching Certification with Originalnlp, Teachers: John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Andrea Frausin.

2012/2013: Doula School (Eco Mondo Doula)

2013: Carry and be carried (FOCUS)

2013: Breastfeeding and support for the mother-child dyad according to the WHO/UNICEF model (32 hours) with Grazia de Fiore

2013: Belly Dance and Theater for the Feminine, pregnancy and childbirth module (Il Belly of the Moon)

2014: Formation Moon Mother with Miranda Gray

2016/2017: training as a scar harmonization operator with David Kanner (first and second level)

2018: Soul Contact Massage (Soul Contact Training Center)

2021/2022: training in Human Design with Alberto Sturiale

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