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By bringing together my skills and knowledge acquired over 14 years of working with and for women (as a doula, founder of Ciclika and trainer), I help women truly transform their lives.

Many women feel they are much more than what they have been told they are but they also feel stuck in repetitive patterns, painful situations, conflicting relationships, limited work expression, economic scarcity... they have enormous potential, dormant but they don't know how to come out,

What I do is accompany them to realize the life of their dreams, both personal and professional, starting from what "hurts" and going to reharmonize their interiority to be able to be reborn and become complete beings: Queens of their Life,

Personal coaching and group paths are structured asa journey of transformation and rebirth.

It's about knowing and animating the being that we are.

I do it with the presence of a doula who knows how to deal with pain and who knows how to transform what is there into resources.

I accompany you gently from the darkness to the light that you are.

We start from our shadows to know our light, from our wounds to know our ability to heal, from our repetitive patterns to find our solution, from our imbalances between masculine and feminine to harmonize them, from our loneliness to reconnect to our soul, from scarcity to rediscover abundance, from darkness to rediscover our dreams and our mission, and from our self-sabotage to act concretely,



Specific ROUTES

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