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"Friendly wounds" path

Which primordial wounds affect you the most in the scenario of life and how can you go from being a victim to using them to find yourself and transform your reality.

(non si tratta di un lavoro di psicoterapia sui traumi ma bensì di un coaching di consapevolezza

per cambiare approccio mentale e attitudinale nella vita)

​5 individual coaching meetings for:

  • identify your emotional wounds and their combinations

  • understand their “remedies” through the message that contains the wound

  • learn to transform pain and beliefs through practical exercises

  • start loving your body

  • consequently transform the scenario of your relationships, your professional fulfillment and your relationship to abundance

will allow you to ​

  • free yourself from your painful and repetitive patterns

  • learn to use your emotions and not suffer them

  • have good vital energy and use it constructively

  • take an evolutionary leap

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