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I help themtired people on the rreturn to themselvesself,welcoming the messages of their Soul and making space for their essence, to live their existence more fluidly and fully.

Contemporary life offers us frenetic, exhausting rhythms. You see too manyangry looks, tired bodies, drawn faces. We run constantly without stopping to reflect on why, to breathe, to recover. And so the feeling of living a life that does not belong to us grows unconsciously, in achieving goals that never satisfy. 

We live like automatons, devoid of the natural essence and knowledge of our profound and pure being. 

Years ago, I "awakened" and realized thatlife must be experienced, enjoyed and lived starting from listening to oneself, to one's own spirit.I started a personal journey and decided to become a life coach to help those who want to do the same.

After years of coaching and a varied and continuous training path I have developedmy coaching method combining what I have learned and what I believe to be a gift that I make available for the good of myself, others and the world: seeing and feeling the beauty of people's "soul" and helping them bring it all out their potential.


My method has the intention ofreconnecting people to their Soul, wise and immense, to their heart and to their inner space, where all the resources reside to be able to live the life they want to live.

Choose the path that's right for you....

single session online or live

90 minutes, for those who want to entercontact with your inner space, where all our resources reside.


online or live

A "Dialogue with the Soul" coaching path  for those who want to discover and explore their own inner space and make real transformations happenin your life,


with physical integration

Acomplete routeFordialogue with the Soul,  free us frominternal blocks, access theown resources  Andintegrate the experience In thebody through amassage "Soul Contact". 

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